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PeopleCart. Automation of Employee Rewards & Recognition


PeopleCart which was began in 2014 as a platform for the automation of Rewards & Recognition processes has evolved as a provider of a suite of enterprise applications to gamify engagement, drive R&R objectives and simplify global redemption. Our culture-the-change (TM) platform helps global organizations align employees & stakeholders to evolving revenue & growth priorities through an array of technology applications.

At PeopleCart we understand that “culture is behaviors in action” and have a research driven belief that modern avatars of Rewards & Recognition are the best vehicles to foster a greater understanding of one’s organizational culture. To achieve this, we continuously strive to create new models and frameworks for R&R that use principles of SMAG (Social, Mobile, Analytics & Gamification) to drive positive culture change.

Peoplecart offers technology based solutions to help its clients achieve the following goals

  1. Re-design current frameworks to include critical elements of modern R&R like social recognition, crowd sourcing of endorsements, introduction of game mechanics/ gaming concepts, mobile app for recognition on the move, structured analytics for real-time insights, and “Do it yourself” rewards redemption
  2. Deployment of the Peoplecart platform, with custom configuration specific to each organizations R&R framework
  3. End to end management of the platform, processes and framework
  4.   Periodic benchmarking with global R&R practices