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Oasys Enterprise

OASYS Enterprise is a flexible, reliable, easy-to-use and yet comprehensive application for middle sized organizations, which uses power builder based technology to convert human resource and payroll management into a strategic function within the organization. OASYS Enterprise enables HR to manage the human resource & payroll information in an effective manner to meet the requirements of the organization. A powerful solution which manages the life cycle of an employee right from recruitment to the separation. A range of add on human resource functional modules such as time & attendance, accommodation management, training, recruitment & web-based eDocs, self service, appraisal modules also forms part of the product.

  • Comprehensive Human Resource Management System for medium sized organizations.
  • Comprehensive Human Resource Management System for medium sized organizations. OASYS Enterprise is a comprehensive human resource management application which incorporates all the required human resource and payroll functions into a client server based platform. This will include Human resource options such as people management, recruitment, appraisals and Finance options like payroll, JV and management of time & attendance. Additionally the product provides employee accommodation tracking and alert features.
  • Client Server based Core modules
  • All the core modules of the application are built with advanced and powerful PowerBuilder based platform.
  • Multi Lingual
  • Multilingualism is becoming a social phenomenon governed by the needs of globalization and cultural openness. Owing to the ease of access to information facilitated by the Internet, a products’ exposure to multiple languages is becoming increasingly frequent and necessary thereby promoting a need to for the product to facilitate multiple languages. Supports multi language interface based on built in system language & message dictionaries.
  • Inbuilt Workflow Management Module with employee based workflow set up
  • A workflow management manages and defines a series of tasks within an organization to produce a final output. Workflow management allows the user to define different workflows for different types of jobs or processes. During each phase in a workflow, a person or a group is responsible for a task. Once the task is complete, the workflow ensures that the individuals responsible for the next task are notified and receive the data they need to execute their stage of the process. Workflow management also automate redundant tasks and ensure that uncompleted tasks are followed up. An advanced platform for managing the approvals of all your human resource related forms, appraisals, workforce management and training related requests.
  • Inbuilt Alert with email
  • For sending alerts on date based information in the system like document expire, training schedules, appraisals, probations.