InfoScape Technologies (InfoScape) is a niche value added Partner & Distributor for software solutions in the Hospitality Industry. With a highly experienced team of Hospitality technology professionals, InfoScape provides best of breed products and services to the Hospitality industry in the Middle East and African region. Headquartered in Dubai and with partners throughout the region, we provide sales and services throughout the region.

We work closely with strategic partners and leading technology providers to deliver comprehensive, integrated and complete solutions specifically tailored to the Hospitality Industry. We carefully select our product portfolio to ensure best of breed technologies and solutions for our clients in the region.

InfoScape helps organizations optimize valuable IT investments with solutions centered around the needs of your hotel and designed specifically to help you quickly reduce costs, improve business operation and free up assets to more strategic initiatives that generate business value.




Your success is our success. To help you achieve your goals, we invest in our people, resources and powerful partnerships so that they can help bring new business models and innovative ideas to your business and work environment.

Our strategic alliances are market driven. And with some of the most recognizable names in Hospitality technology in our portfolio, we provide you with complete solutions to your Hospitality IT challenges.



The historical legacy of innovation and commitment towards our customers remains InfoScape’s ethos.

Our commitment to outstanding service is rivaled only by our professionalism and dedication to integrity. Today, our team of trained and experienced IT and sales engineers are available to help you.



At InfoScape, we pride ourselves in our commitment to continuous learning. We have a very knowledgeable and experienced team with decades of hospitality technology experience and knowledge of the market.

Highly trained professionals all selected for their specialist knowledge in IT and the Hospitality Industry we have your success at heart. The strength and competence of our management team consistently sets us apart from others.


Want to know more?

A range of varied structured training courses for end-users and administrators is available; in addition we also offer tailor-made training options. Tutorials for administrators cover advanced system management, whilst end-user courses are designed to give a full overview of the functionally of their products to ensure the users and the company will gain full benefits and return on investment. As with all software, the acceptance and effectiveness will be much accelerated if all users are trained following installation.

For information on any of our solutions or products, please call us on 044472102, or email[email protected]