Talent Development

Performance Management; Compensation Management; Skills & Competency Management; 360 Degree Feedback; Career & Succession Planning

Performance Management. Build a performance culture


  • Get productive: Align individual employee, team and manager   goals with cascaded organizational objectives, across    functions and departments.
  • Win-Win: Implement a flexible, intuitive review process    which is simple for line managers to administer and increases   employee engagement.
  • Increase adoption: Multi-lingual, browser-based access    encourages employee uptake, regardless of location.
  • Better   decision-making: Provide senior management and   HR executives with both high-level overviews and drill-down   information on the status and objectives of your performance   process, by locations, teams and individuals.
  • The right rewards: Identify exactly how people are    performing against objectives and reward them accordingly.


  • Improved job performance resulting in increased self-confidence
  • Well-articulated job responsibilities
  • A clear understanding of what to expect and the corresponding rewards for a job well done
  • Reduced internal conflicts
  • Improved efficiency and consistency
  • The capability to address poor performance issues
  • Increased profits
  • More engaged employees
  • Improved productivity levels

Compensation Management. Smarter pay and Rewards


  • A transparent employee compensation and management package: The Lumesse compensation statement enables employees to see their total cash compensation, including bonuses, one time payments, LTI and stock option grants, pension and insurance contributions, perks and allowances, and even any expatriate compensation.
  • Benchmark your compensation, attract and retain top talent: Using the latest market data and research, the Lumesse employee compensation management solution gives you immediate insight into current compensation levels for your market.
  • Manage the full salary review process: you can set up any number of compensation programs and salary reviews. The secure, easy-to-use workflows make proposing salary adjustments, completing reviews and creating new compensation programs swift and easy.
  • Pay for performance: Make sure employee performance is linked to compensation and benefits by connecting your goals to any bonus payments. ETWeb links financial reward back to achievement against individual, team and business performance objectives to motivate, reward, and develop talent.



  • Better   decision-making: Give executives an instant, global   view of your organization’s compensation structure, helping   make the right decisions based on accurate data.
  • Balance your salary budget: Ensure you meet your financial   obligations with better salary planning, tight budget control,   and appropriate merit increases.
  • Drive high performance: Create a compensation    management strategy that links performance to reward,    engaging and motivating staff at all levels.
  • Find and keep the best: Use the latest market data and    research to compare compensation across jobs, industries   and locations. Benchmark your compensation to retain    talented people and attract the best external talent.
  • Be fair and transparent: Create consistency across teams   and skill areas, with review processes that avoid internal or   external imbalances and minimize your retention risk.

Skills & Competency Management. Develop your talent


  • Locate   your       talent: Identify employees with relevant or    transferable skills, qualifications and experience, using   powerful search technology that integrates with other   HR systems.
  • Create  flexible,                customized profiles: Build your own    competency models or leverage 400 pre-defined    competencies in 18 core areas, allowing you to easily   profile key current and future roles.
  • Identify                skill gaps: Plan intelligently for promotions, internal   mobility and business growth by identifying future skill gaps.
  • Optimize your workforce: Use search capabilities to find   the best-fit teams and people for projects and vacancies.
  • Move your talent: Support international relocations or    second ments by identifying and encouraging people   with overseas ambitions to develop the skills they   need to make the move.
  • Update skills: Create needs-based recommendations for    training and development measures.   Strategic HR planning: Enhance leadership and vision with   a comprehensive overview of all organizational talent


  • Gain valuable insight for succession planning: Now reviewing managers can monitor workforce talent quickly and easily and take control. ETWeb makes it easy to stay responsive and assign appropriate career and development planning that’s aligned with company objectives.
  • Attract, engage and retain your top talent: Easily identify your top performers, experts and high-potential employees and use this insight to retain, reward and promote from within to support career progression.
  • Global access for better succession decisions: ETWeb is a simple-to use, powerful and affordable solution that gives you fast access the information you need to drive employee performance, at the click of a mouse wherever you are in the world.

360 Degree Feedback. Complete your view


  • Create  configurable       process: Automate processes to collect 360 degree feedback, from creating questionnaires, selecting providers and collecting feedback from internal and external stakeholders, to results analysis and individual coaching.
  • Preserve confidentiality: Deliver anonymous, honest and unbiased feedback supported by transparent processes.
  • Be comprehensive: Source full internal and external stakeholder feedback, including self-assessments, subordinates, team members, peers, customers and management.
  • Strive for excellence: Detailed feedback reports provide understanding of self-perceptions and perceptions of others, and form the basis for tailored personal development of identified talent.

Career & Succession Planning. Look to the future

  • Manage risk: Identify key positions or areas of the business   vulnerable to future skill gaps and work towards low attrition   to ensure minimum disruption and risk.
  • Increase visibility: Support management decision-making by   supplying detailed information on key positions and potential   successors. Build a complete picture of your global talent pool   across critical functions, countries and regions.
  • An internal view: Reduce your dependence on hiring external   talent by identifying and developing internal successors.
  • A simpler process: Maintain a real-time organizational    view of individual career histories and current readiness,   and proactively identify potential gaps in bench strength.
  • Empower and engage: Keep your people motivated and challenged through their personal development and individual   career plans.

Improve your options: Test out ‘What-if’ succession   scenarios which support development of effective, agreed   succession plans.