Spa Management


Developed specifically to suite the unique needs of the spa industry, SpaSoft Spa Management Software is a user-friendly system that facilitates total spa and activity management. As a result, your staff is empowered to provide impeccable service laser-focused on each and every client.

SpaSoft interfaces with various systems – including hotel property management systems, credit card and gift card processors, back office systems, membership billing, and other technologies – to create a seamless flow of guest-centric information

Choose the modules you need to need to run a busy, successful spa:

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT – Better Manage Service Providers, Facilities and Equipment

As spas continue to offer an increasingly diverse set of services, it’s more important than ever to manage your resources wisely. The Staff and Staff Check-In module makes your staff schedules, staff notes and payroll reporting more accessible. Staff commission structures can be calculated for a variety of schemes including percentage, flat dollar, activities performed, and retail items sold.

The SpaSoft Spa Management System also helps you calculate gratuities and commissions based on percentage, flat dollar, activities performed and retail items sold.

MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT – Membership Management Has Never Been Easier
  • Support for Multiple Membership types
  • Locker Management
  • Wide range of Member Charges for each Membership
  • Member Check-in
  • Full Integration with SpaSoft Point-of-Sale
  • Member Reports
ONLINE SPA BOOKING – Accommodate Your Guests with Online Spa Booking

Online spa booking will be your 24/7/365 reservationist, always available for bookings. Guests can make appointments at anytime, from anywhere.

  • Allow guests to browse services offered
  • Provide detailed descriptions of services offered
  • Instant personalized email and printable confirmations
  • Guests can book online with mobile devices, tablets, desktops, IPTVs or kiosks
  • Convenient, intuitive and user friendly interface
  • Customize the interface to suit your business
  • Choose which services are offered online as well as availability options and lead time allowance
  • Cross-sell and up-sell by recommending services to guests based on their selections
  • Increase the number of bookings with an always-available reservations service
WAITLIST & TURNAWAY TRACKING – Never Miss an Opportunity
  • Collect guest details including contact information
  • Specify activity, provider, facility and requested time
  • Prioritize opportunities on the Waitlist
  • Automatic Waitlist prompt upon cancellation
  • Book complex packages with a few simple clicks
  • Book single a la carte activities, single day or multi-day packages for one guest or a group of guests simultaneously
  • Create or view guest notes, preferences, and staff comments while booking
  • Create standing appointments for regular guests
  • Prompts users with detailed descriptions about each activity, eliminating the need to reference a brochure or document to describe services to guests
  • Assists the user in solving booking conflicts with intelligent “conflict resolution”