Rapid Application Development

Rapid Application Development

“Leverage OnBase to rapidly configure content-enabled business applications”

OnBase serves as a low-code rapid application configuration platform that minimizes the need for costly custom coding and multiple point solutions from different vendors. With OnBase, you can replace aging database applications like Access and Lotus Notes while filling in the functionality gaps that exist between your line-of-business systems.

Extend your applications with native platform capabilities

The OnBase platform combines the ability to manage documents, processes and data. You can leverage the native OnBase platform capabilities – including enterprise content management (ECM), case management, business process management (BPM), capture and integrations – for tailored solutions that meet your organization’s business needs today while easily adapting to future technology requirements.


  • One database and content repository provides sub-second retrieval times and is scalable, capable of managing up to one quadrillion documents.
  • One system to secure and the strongest encryption tools available to protect your information when it’s at rest, in motion and being accessed on user devices.
  • One point of integration with key applications via purpose-built, screen-level and data-level integrations, providing a near real-time, guaranteed data exchange between applications.
  • One application to upgrade Minimize downtime and reduce risk during the upgrade process by temporarily running two OnBase versions in parallel.
  • One architecture to protect -on-premises or in the cloud.
  • One mobile platform supporting many devices.


  • Build the application rather than the code – A low-code framework equips you to point-and-click configure business apps at the speed end users expect, while meeting corporate demands for governance and control. You don’t need to be a DBA or developer to create and extend OnBase. Use checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-down menus to configure and change solutions – minimizing expensive, time-consuming and difficult-to-maintain coding or scripting.
  • Minimize IT sprawl – By building applications on one OnBase platform, you drastically reduce the number of information silos and disparate solutions you support – whether you deploy it on-premises or in the cloud. OnBase also seamlessly integrates with your other key applications to extend those investments and streamline your IT environment.
  • Effectively respond to the needs of the business – Rapidly deploy applications with robust, out-of-the-box functionality, then easily expand, modify and improve to meet complex process needs or changing requirements. Tailor solutions to specific business needs, whether for a single department or your global enterprise.
  • Realize more value, faster – By minimizing the need for time-consuming, costly custom coding and multiple niche vendors, you realize a lower total cost of ownership and a quicker time-to-benefit.