Laundry Management

The InvoTech Uniform System is the most comprehensive and user-friendly system for managing all aspects of uniform operations. The system integrates the latest RFID technology and provides critical information to cut labor costs and lower operating expenses.

The InvoTech Uniform System manages the entire uniform inventory and the lifecycle of each individual garment from purchasing through daily use to final discard. The RFID technology works by electronically reading RFID tags attached to the uniforms, allowing them to be automatically identified, counted and tracked. The system also records who is responsible for each uniform, monitors inventory levels, and keeps the current location of each garment.

Integrated UHF-RFID Technology

InvoTech applies the latest RFID wireless technology to enable 100% control of uniform inventory while it eliminates the need to sort, hand count or individually scan items. The system lets operators instantly read hundreds of uniforms in seconds. The system eliminates manual task and human error, gives operator total control and makes accurate information available.

The UHF-RFID tags have read range of up to 6-7 feet with a life of at least 200 wash cycles. Invotech strategically places appropriate UHF-RFID equipment around the property. These reading stations record the UHF-RFID laundry tags attached to each item as uniform pass within range.

When employees pick up their unifors, specialized UHF-RFID reading stations above the counter or pick-up doors identify garments automatically and update employee’s records. Invotech’s solution maintains an accurate, real-time inventory of all items that ensures 100% control of assets and eliminates non theft losses.


  • Best manage uniform inventory levels
  • Employee uniform assignments
  • Process daily pick-up of uniforms
  • Control the quantity of garments each employee is allowed to have
  • Track employee responsibility and uniform losses.


  • Accurately records laundry activity to eliminate losses and overcharges
  • Tracks rental garments and customer-owned uniforms,
  • Monitors uniform usage and aging to maintain quality standards and forecast purchases.
  • Records uniform repairs and alterations, sales to employees, and locker and conveyor assignments.