Business process automation and management

“Transform your business processes – and business performance – with OnBase.”

OnBase enables organizations to significantly decrease document processing time, increase staff productivity and improve input, storage and retrieval accuracy. A robust workflow engine and document routing system empower organizations to process work faster and more efficiently. With an intuitive set of point-and-click configurable rules and actions, you can automate and optimize key processes without the need for costly, time-consuming custom coding.


  • Workflow automation: A rich set of point-and-click configurable rules and actions allows business processes to be quickly automated with no need for custom programming.
  • Dynamic approval processes: Ad-hoc approval assignments can also be made on the fly, and approvers can delegate their own assignments when unavailable or out of the office.
  • Intuitive process modeling: With a click of a button, OnBase assembles your process documentation for you.
  • Electronic forms: Without any HTML or programming knowledge, you can create forms with advanced functionality in a matter of minutes.
  • Business activity monitoring and dashboards: Dashboards present data in a variety of formats including charts, graphs, scorecards and maps. Interactive features then allow users to easily monitor performance and analyze trends in real-time.
  • Automated notifications: Notify users when they need to be involved in critical business processes, without relying on manual e-mail notifications.


  • Facilitates business transaction processing by presenting all related documents and data to the user
  • Optimizes business processes by providing a framework of rules to efficiently route electronic documents and data
  • Promotes accountability by providing detailed auditable history to monitor security and employee performance
  • Enforces consistent business practices, reducing process variance and associated risk
  • Offers flexible deployment and access across multiple interfaces and line-of-business integrations