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Oasys Standard

OASYS Standard is a comprehensive application for mid sized organizations, which uses power builder based technology to built an effective solution for processing personnel and payroll information of your employees. Very flexible and easy to use solution which caters advanced human resource management functionalities within a simple interface. The product features all the human resource management functionalities in a modularised format. Available functions & modules within the application includes   time & attendance, accommodation management and training. Web based eDocs is an optional module available with the product for approval of your HR related forms through a web based platform.



  • Comprehensive, yet a Simple Human Resource Management System for small sized organizations
  • OASYS Standard is a comprehensive, yet a simplified form of human resource management application which incorporates all the required human resource and payroll functions into a client server based platform. This will include Human resource functionalities such as personnel, payroll, journals and management of time & attendance. Additionally the product provides accommodation management, ASP based workflow and alert features.
  • Client Server based Core modules
  • All the core modules of the application are built with advanced and powerful PowerBuilder based platform .
  • Support multiple business units
  • OASYS Standard helps organizations with multiple work locations to maintain a consistent, integrated human resource management system across the organization.
  • Inbuilt Workflow Management Module with employee based workflow set up
  • Incorporates a simple platform for managing the approvals of all your most important human resource related forms .
  • Inbuilt Alert with email
  • For sending alerts on date based information in the system like document expire and training schedules.