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OASYS H2A combines the architectural benefits of web technology that integrate payroll with HR functions in an easy to use interface for managing the human assets electronically. Multi-level parameterization makes this product outstanding among its predecessors. OASYS H2A helps organizations to analyse human asset’s strengths and vulnerabilities. OASYS H2A supports multiple business units, currencies, payrolls and multi lingual interface. It serves as a great tool for administering all aspects of human resource management such as manpower budgeting, recruiting & resourcing , employee data administration, performance management, training, manager self-service, employee self-service, employee accommodation management and above all an automated payroll.



  • Thin client architecture
  • Modern day human resource management, demands human asset administration systems to be web based, especially by large size organizations having multiple business units. This architecture requires a single installation on your server without the need to install client software on individual systems. OASYS H2A provides browser based platform for accessing the application. OASYS H2A provides various advantages like enhanced access, centralized management and reduced cost of deployment. OASYS H2A is developed on the latest ASP.NET Technology.
  • OPI (OASYS Payroll Intelligence)
  • A revolutionary feature developed by OASYS research and development team that allows payroll to be updated automatically upon changes in payroll components. As the component value changes, user do not have to perform any calculations while in “Pay-run” mode; the system detects any changes and calculates the payroll automatically according to the updated component details.
  • Interactive graphical dashboards
  • Allows organizations to create customized graphical reports that provide real-time trend graphs, performance snapshots and attendance summary. These graphical dashboards will use summary graphs(pie charts, bar charts etc) to display the different workforce metrics. The graphical layout will help organizations to identify the key facts and helps you in making decisions easily.
  • User defined JV interface
  • The system allows you to integrate journal vouchers(JV) with back office systems like Sun accounting Great Plains, Dynamics etc. It provides options for creating extended attributes that will help you to customize the vouchers according to the format of the back office system
  • Position based approach
  • OASYS H2A follows a position based approach. Manage position module facilitates management of position in your organization. Position based approach enhances the functionalities of human resources, eDocs, self service, appraisal modules with position based data storage and approvals.
  • Supports centralized or distributed approach of deployment
  • HR management and Payroll can be implemented either using centralized or distributed approach. Whichever is the method the product can be parameterized to suit your method of operation. It can also work in a disconnected environment with no connectivity and synchronize the data through advanced data transfer mechanisms.
  • Active Directory based authentication
  • This security feature allows the H2A application to be authorized and authenticated through the windows user credentials. This capability allows users who have been authenticated in the windows environment to sign-on to the H2A application without having to provide a separate username/password.
  • Benefit Planning and management features
  • It provides options that help organizations to design, implement and manage benefits plans for employees to meet the requirements of business. H2A provides you with a dynamic approach to link grade to position and benefit to position.
  • Inbuilt Workflow Management Module with position based workflow set up
  • OASYS eHCM features built in workflow management engine facilitates submission and approval of forms through eDocs.
  • Inbuilt alert with email & SMS facility
  • In today’s world notifications play a vital role. Hence we have given this great importance. Notifications are send to the user through email and SMS to inform about the changes that are happening with regards to your account. This save a lot of effort taken in notifying individuals about the changes as the system takes care of this.