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Oasys eHCM

A powerful product from OASYS, for human capital management which comprises of web based human resource management module & client server based payroll module, which forms the complete solution for managing the human assets in an electronic way. eHCM is a highly parameterized solution with best practices across industries in Middle East, Africa and Far East countries. OASYS eHCM comprises of human resource management & payroll functions which integrate through separate modules such as manpower budgeting, performance management, training management, e-Docs, self service, employee accommodation management and payroll.


  • Web based human capital management modules
  • The flexibility of a web based platform for accessing the application from different devices is essential. OASYS eHCM provides a full web based HR environment with latest .Net Technology.
  • Client server based payroll & financial modules
  • The client–server characteristic describes the relationship of cooperating programs in an application. The server component provides a function or service to one or many clients, which initiate requests for such services. The model assigns one of two roles to the computers in a network: client or server. The payroll & finance related modules use client server platform allowing easy customizations of parameters & reports.
  • Supports centralized and distributed approach of deployment
  • In the centralized model, a centralized manager takes control of the distributed branches. The centralized approach simplifies complex flows related to specific applications. In the distributed model, each branch functions independently. eHCM can be deployed centralized or through distributed approach. It can also work in a disconnected environment with no connectivity and synchronize the data through advanced data transfer mechanisms.
  • Multi lingual interface
  • Programmable system language, message dictionaries and support for multiple collation allow the system to be used in any language of your choice. Already supported in English, French and Turkish.
  • Active Directory based authentication
  • This security feature allows the H2A application to be authorized and authenticated through the windows user credentials. This capability allows users who have been authenticated in the windows environment to sign-on to the H2A application without having to provide a separate username/password.
  • Position based approach
  • OASYS eHCM follows a position based approach. Manage position module facilitates management of position information. Position based approach enhances the functionalities of human resources like eDocs, Self Service ,Appraisal modules with position based data storage and approvals.
  • Inbuilt Workflow Management Module with position based workflow set up
  • OASYS eHCM features built in workflow management engine facilitates submission and approval of forms through eDocs.
  • Inbuilt Alert with email ,sms facility
  • In today’s world notifications play a vital role. Hence we have given this great importance. Notifications are send to the user through email and SMS to inform about the changes that are happening with regards to your account. This save a lot of effort taken in notifying individuals about the changes as the system takes care of this.