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Lumesse Learning Gateway

Learning. Enabling the power of human potential

Empower your people: Help your employees quickly find everything that is essential to sharing knowledge, learning new skills and enhancing every work day.

Deliver  engaging learning experiences:Create targeted blended learning programs that include e-learning, tests and assessments, instructor-led training, or social learning.

Build loyalty: Motivate your employees and secure their commitment by showing that you value them enough to invest in their future.

Measure success: Monitor individual progress against benchmarks, ensuring employees, managers, HR and training teams understand key performance indicators.

World-class capabilities: in Learning management, content development and management, online content delivery and custom course development.


  • Keep your employees engaged
  • Deliver personalized learner experiences
  • Create your own course
  • Don’t recreate the wheel
  • Create content tailored to your organization


  • Deliver learning materials in a quick and flexible way.
  • Allow employees to experience a classroom learning experience without an instructor.
  • Enable employees to learn at their own pace.
  • Can be accessed anywhere and anytime – as long as there is an Internet connection.
  • Allow videos, presentations and documents used in the programs to be reviewed anytime
  • Improves the efficiency of employees, ultimately resulting in financial gain.
  • Allows employees to adopt new methodologies and technologies.
  • Increases job satisfaction.
  • Nurtures the employees to develop a more rounded skill set that they can then use to contribute more to the company.
  • Enhances or updates existing skills of employees