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INVOTECH Security Management

The Invotech security system is the most comprehensive and user friendly system for managing all aspects of security operations. The system integrates specialized equipment to efficiently record daily activities and processes. These integrated technologies facilitate paperless security operations. The system establishes controls, improves efficiency, provides critical information and reduces liability.

The Invotech security system is widely used in hospitality industry, and also used in various other industries worldwide.  The system is scalable and configurable to needs of each Invotech customer.


The system includes six modules that are each available as a standalone system:

Keys / Inventory Tracking

Controls keys, radios and security equipment that are issued to employees. Items are efficiently and accurately tracked using Barcodes of RFID technology. Controls which items can be issued to each employee, and identifies items not returned on time.


Patrol Manager

Records security patrols with a durable and easy to use RFID reader. RFID tags are strategically installed around the property to ensure all areas are patrolled.


Security Logs

Records security activities and includes five specialized categories for efficiently logging and retrieving the information – General Logs, Visitors Log, Dispatch Logs, Banned Guests Log and Package Logs.


Incident Report

Records employee and guest incidents, such as injuries, misconduct, and property damage. Incidents are categorized and information is entered into organized templates. Detailed reports can be generated for specific incidents and summary reports can be generated to analyze incident patterns and trends.


Lost & Found

Manages items found and items reported as lost. Details are quickly and easily entered, and digital pictures can be linked. Powerful search capabilities link lost and found items, and storage location can be entered to facilitate retrieval.


Lockers & Locks

Manages lockers and locks that are issued to employees. The system manages up to five built-in combinations per locker and tracks which combination is currently active to be issued to an employee.