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Invotech Laundry System

The InvoTech Laundry System integrates the latest RFID technology to most efficiently manage industrial laundry operations, and hotel and hospital laundries. The system streamlines and automates laundry operations to cut labor costs and provide real-time information to lower operating expenses.

The system automatically tracks and manages laundry activity for customer-owned and rental uniforms and linens. The RFID technology works by electronically reading RFID tags attached to the uniforms and linens, allowing them to be automatically identified, counted and tracked. The system also facilitates sorting and validates pick-ups and deliveries at customer locations.

The InvoTech Laundry System will enable your business to best manage the customer-owned and rental inventory, automatically track laundry activity by customer, and facilitate sorting by customer, and sorting of uniforms by customer employees. The system accurately records laundry activity and provides billing reports by customer, and customer departments.

The usage and aging of uniforms and linens is monitored to maintain quality standards and forecast purchases. The system also manages repairs and alterations of uniforms and linens, and monitors laundry staff productivity of various laundry functions, such as special treatments, pressing, folding, and sorting. The customer billing reports can include charges for repairs and special treatments.The InvoTech Laundry System eliminates many labor intensive manual tasks, such as separating and hand-counting uniforms and linens coming into the laundry or items being shipped to the customer. The system also automates recordkeeping, which eliminates manual errors. InvoTech’s Laundry Cart Reading Station automatically processes entire laundry carts full of uniforms and linens coming into the laundry or being shipped out.

RFID portable handheld readers are used for validating pick-ups and deliveries at customer locations, or Laundry Cart Reading Stations can be installed at the customer sites. Additionally, the customer can use the InvoTech Uniform System or InvoTech Linen System which interfaces with the InvoTech Laundry System.

InvoTech’s Linen Bundle Reading Stations provide the highest level of quality control by ensuring that each bundle of linens has the correct quantity, all linens are the same type of linens and for the same customer, and none of the linens in the bundle are overused and need to be replaced. The automated uniform and linen tracking and recordkeeping cuts labor costs and provides real-time information for ongoing cost saving benefits.