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HireVue. Digitally enhanced interactions


“HireVue at its most fundamental level enables people to tell their story. The story is told in a
way that’s contextually relevant to an organization and we can guarantee that their story is heard. People aren’t bullets on a piece of paper. People aren’t profiles on a screen. People aren’t mere words. People are voices, stories and experiences.”

– Mark Newman, HireVue Founder & CEO


Companies waste several hours and thousands of dollars in time and travel costs for each interview. Most result in a “no, thanks, not a good fit” and unnecessary time, costs and hassle for everyone involved.

HireVue is up to 10X faster, 9X cheaper and 100% better than non-digital interviewing. You can reach more candidates, much faster and create a powerful digital talent pool. Save millions in time and travel costs alone.


It’s time to be your CFO’s best friend!




A Digital Interview Platform™ with:


✪ Online Interview Guides

✪ Feedback

✪ Reporting Tools

✪ Questions

✪ Video


Drastically improve interview:


✪ Speed

✪ Consistency

✪ Quality

✪ Transparency


This single platform works with interviews of all types – including:


✪ In Person

✪ Video Interviews

✪ Phone

✪ On Demand


400+ customers / 130+ countries / $50M funding


  • Gain Insight to Skills and Attributes that Really Matter
  • Real Time Access to Top Talent
  • Engage prospective candidates through email, employee referrals, search engines, and social media channels.
  • HireVue makes it faster and easier to create a great pool of prospects before you even need them.
  • Enterprise Ready Experience and Support
  • HR industry’s #1 rated mobile app
  • Dedicated, full service account management and support teams around the globe



  • Opportunity for personality and abilities to stand out (as compared with paper resume or profile)
  • Convenience and flexibility to interview anywhere, anytime
  • Opportunity to share personal stories
  • Opportunity to demonstrate capabilities
  • Fair and consistent process
  • Improved exposure within the company