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Digital Surveys

Quantify Guest Satisfaction, and Act on It!

Gather data.

Making the comment card digital is a must for the 21st century hotel, spa, or resort. Luckily, we’ve got that covered. The beauty of Digital Alchemy surveys is the coupling of carefully crafted questions that get to the heart of what a guest feels, and the efficient analytic programs we use to discover your property’s strengths and weaknesses.


Raise the bar.

Using the combination of how guests feel and the overall strengths and weaknesses highlighted in the surveys, you and your staff have the tools necessary to continuously improve the guest experience. More than that, DA’s Trip Advocate solution prompts guests to share their favorable reviews on social media such as TripAdvisor.


The Ultimate Question – SatMetrics Qualified.

Digital Alchemy is the only certified hospitality provider of the SatMetrics methodology used by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. The ultimate question is “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?” We can show you how to turn this simple question (and a few others) into an amazing learning tool and social media champion.