InfoScape Technologies Customer Services structure offers high quality, reliable services that are flexible enough to fit in with any company’s requirements. Our dedicated support engineers are all Certified Professionals, and highly qualified in enterprise software solutions.


Total Service

  • Various Support Options
  • Implementations
  • End User training
  • Technical Support
  • System Integration
  • Post-installation Consultancy
  • Presales Consultancy


Large businesses & hotels require a great deal of planning before implementation. This is the first step towards a successful solution and one in which InfoScape Technologies plays a very significant role. Collecting requirements, business rules and systems requirements to map the workflow for review by the business and IT teams is the Analysis Phase of system design and consists of discovery meetings with users, to define the goals and deliverable.

It then moves into the granular details of mapping the process, defining ownership and collecting the associated documentation, forms, contents and business rules to be managed through the business process cycle.


To ensure a successful implementation in this dynamic market it is important to source the right vendor with the right skills. InfoScape Technologies possesses a strong pedigree in the enterprise software market and we have the ability to offer full consultancy. We believe that the first step to providing good business communication is by evaluating what your specific requirements are and consulting with you in order to offer unbiased knowledgeable advice on the best solutions for your requirements and your existing infrastructure. We also offer post-installation consultancy.


Experienced field analysts are trained to integrate the products from the portfolio with your existing systems. They can assist you in all manner of tasks that will ensure you operate the products effectively and that all your technical staff is conversant with day-to-day system administrative procedures and security back-ups. To ensure that you are aware of all that this entails, we supply you with a comprehensive “check list” of installation tasks. Once the solution has been installed, the analyst will not leave your site until you have confirmed and signed that all the tasks on the list have been completed satisfactorily.


InfoScape Technologies operates an Expert Support Program with multiple phone line service to ensure full coverage and resource availability. We offer several types of annually renewable contracts. If you need technical support, please visit our contact us at [email protected]


A range of varied structured training courses for end-users and administrators is available; in addition we also offer tailor-made training options. Tutorials for administrators cover advanced system management, whilst end-user courses are designed to give a full overview of the functionally of their products to ensure the users and the company will gain full benefits and return on investment. As with all software, the acceptance and effectiveness will be much accelerated if all users are trained following installation.