Savvy Independent Operators Drive Guest Loyalty and Revenue with Personal Online Strategy

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Smart independent operators know their guests are online – and are reaching them there to increase loyalty and revenue. Here is how.

“We know our guests and keep them coming back with Digital Alchemy’s personalized, and intelligent, Email Confirmation, Pre-Arrival letters, and Post-Stay eSurveys. ‘Personalized’ because we reach out to guests when we have something we know they want, and ‘Intelligent’ because we know who opens our emails so we engage in two-way communication.” said Jeff Bay, Area general manager for HayMax Hotels that operates the Hotel Aspen and Molly Gibson Lodge in Aspen, Colorado.

Guests respond to branded personalized messages

“Our properties are boutiques operations. We standardize all our guest communications, from confirmations to eSurveys, with unique property graphics and branding, and personal messages based on past preferences,” Bay said. “Attractive, professionally branded messaging that recognizes a guest’s interests gets read and responded to. We worked with Digital Alchemy to create personalized messaging that is more effective. We can see instantaneous revenue statistics that empowers us to immediately see the return on each email and campaign. Our confirmations also showcase our amenities, local events and transportation. Plus, eSurveys enable us to capture guests’ thoughts when they are fresh in their minds.” HayMax watches for any negative comments for fast response and also helps us receive more positive TripAdvisor reviews.

Digital Alchemy is the leading provider of hospitality Customer Relationship Management, guest communications, and email marketing for hotels. Its suite of online guest communication, hospitality internet marketing, and digital marketing tools for hotels are used by more than 500 brand and independent properties. Digital Alchemy drives revenue through dynamic personalized 2-way mobile messaging, guest communication, marketing, and guest feedback. It produces and supports 100% of its clients’ email design and production requirements in-house based on an in-depth understanding of each customers’ needs.

Attractive eBlasts have high open rates

Hotel Sorrento created a new presence for itself in downtown Seattle. “We recently rebranded and Digital Alchemy helped us create our new email message image,” said Helena Khu, the property’s director of sales and marketing. “We are building a strong relationship with guests online, this adds occupancy and revenue. We developed our online messaging – confirmations, pre-arrival letters and other templates – with Digital Alchemy’s team to mirror our online presence. We use their eBlasts to market to segments of our guest database of 35,000 guests and we have high open rates. Hotel Sorrento schedules promotions with package offers for slow periods. We just started using eSurvey comment cards. Digital Alchemy’s Dashboard shows our open rate and bounce backs so we know which campaigns are effective.”

Working with experienced solution providers is especially important to independent operators. With no franchisor corporate safety net, reliability, creativity and support are essential. “Digital Alchemy is the best email marketing partner we have worked with,” Khu said. “Their team is personable, and responds very quickly to our requests. They trained our team to generate our own confirmations and are always on call if we need them. Digital Alchemy makes it easy to communicate with guests and build a strong 2-way relationship that creates guest loyalty and repeat business.”

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